Elder Scrolls Skyrim Conjuration Loot Book Bundle

$60.00 USD


  • 1x Conjuration Spell Tome Loot Box
    • Embossed Conjuration symbol on front cover
    • Cover features a debossed graphic border with silver foil print
    • Edges feature faux pages to give the illusion of a real book
    • Magnetic closure
    • Materials: Polyurethane with black velvet interior
    • Size: 6.35 x 5.15 in (16.13 x 13.08 cm)
  • 1x Black Soul Gem Necklace
    • Natural amethyst crystal stone
      • Abstract asymmetrical shape
      • Size: 1.97 x 0.55 in (50 x 14 mm)
      • Custom copper metal fastener with anti pewter plating
      • Crystal is made of natural stone and each piece is unique and will vary in coloration. 
  • Black cord with adjustable strap
    • Thickness: 0.059 in (1.5mm)
    • Length: 15 – 30 in (38.1 x 76.2 cm)
  • 1x Black Card - end product will vary slightly
    • Satin matte with white and spot UV print
    • Black letters feature a gloss finish
    • Size: 1.24 x 2.75 in (3.15 x 6.98 cm)
    • Text: Black Soul Gem, Weight 1, Value 750, Filled with Grand Soul
  • Product color may vary from the images shown due to monitor display variance and the natural coloration of the stones.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim In-Game ReplicaNatural AmethystJewelry



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If you pay attention to the popular fads and fashions of spellcasting in your guild halls, you'd have doubtless noticed the recent sudden interest in the discipline of Soul Trapping. Opinions are split on the ethics of this practice, so you'd want to be careful with whom you show this bundle to.

Presenting The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Conjuration Loot Book Bundle, which brings two different in-game items to life: a Conjuration tome, and a Black Soul Gem inside it.

The book, which is actually a cleverly designed box, lets you hold one of Skyrim's magic tomes in your hands. It features the Conjuration symbol on a violet cover, surrounded by a border gilded with silver foil. The edges are made to give the illusion of pages, while a magnetic closure keeps the box shut. There is no title to hint at the book's contents. But once you lift the cover, you'd know what it's all about.

Inside is a single Black Soul Gem serving as the pendant to a rather enchanting necklace. Cut from Amethyst, it features natural variances in color that would capture your attention (but luckily, not your soul). Because of this, no two gems would be exactly alike making yours truly unique.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Game Merch

  • Accessories: Jewelry

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    Elder Scrolls Skyrim Conjuration Loot Book Bundle

    $60.00 USD

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    $60.00 USD