DOOM Ultra-Nightmare Skate Deck

$75.00 USD


When you see the four-horned, long tongued skull with a sword through it, you know things are about to get gnarly. If you can’t resist the call of DOOM Eternal’s highest difficulty, you might be hard pressed to resist the DOOM Ultra-Nightmare Skate Deck.

Featured on the underside of this premium skateboard deck is the artwork that represents the Ultra Nightmare difficulty. Above it is the DOOM logo in red. Below it is the Mark of the Slayer. You can prop it against your wall or mount it there, or you could add some wheels and roll into the park to the tune of heavy metal music. 

It’s a trophy for those who have conquered Ultra-Nightmare, and/or a motivation for those who want to show off the most challenging moves on a skateboard.



  • Board only. No wheels included.
  • Mellow concave shape
  • DOOM Eternal Ultra-Nightmare Mode Design
    • Featuring the icon for the game’s highest difficulty level
    • Includes the DOOM logo and the Mark of the Slayer
    • Full color heat transfer printing
  • Material: 7 plies of 100% American Maple (aka Canadian Maple)
  • Size
    • 8 in (20.32 cm) wide
    • 31.75 in (80.64 cm) long
    • 2.25–2.4 in (5.71–6.1 cm) tall including kick on the nose and tail



This custom deck is made of 7 plies of premium maple sourced from the Great Lakes region. These veneers are ran through a glue application machine and put into a hydraulic press containing the mold top and bottom for 1.5–2 hours at room temperature, giving the deck a mellow concave shape. This process is known as cold pressing, which avoids high temperatures that may weaken the wood fibers.

Post mold, the laminated rectangle blanks (uncuts) are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks. Truck hole drilling and careful shaping by template or CNC router come next. Edges are routed and then bladder/balloon sanded.

The surface is then sanded and a coat of lacquer is applied. After the lacquer cures, the deck is again sanded and given a final lacquer coat.



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DOOM Ultra-Nightmare Skate Deck




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    DOOM Ultra-Nightmare Skate Deck

    $75.00 USD

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    $75.00 USD