Fallout Faction PVC patches

Fallout Faction PVC patches

The future of the Commonwealth is in your hands. Pick a side, Sole Survivor. And display your allegiance with pride. Introducing the Fallout Faction PVC Patch Set, featuring the 4 major factions of Fallout 4.


  • Set of 4 Fallout Faction Patches
    • Brotherhood of Steel (Red)
    • The Railroad (Black)
    • The Institute (White)
    • Commonwealth Minutemen (Blue)
  • Size: 3 in (76.2 mm) maximum height or width
  • Material: PVC patch with hook backing



This set includes 4 patches made of PVC, a material that gives the faction logos a clean graphic look that sets them apart from embroidered patches.

The Brotherhood of Steel

Put on your power armor and protect humanity from abominations and those who seek to abuse technology. We have the means, the will, the numbers, and the resources to rebuild civilization and get rid of anyone who gets in the way.

The Railroad

In a world of suspicion, treachery and hunters, we’re the synths’ only friends. Wear this symbol to show synths that you can help them start a new life and determine their own purpose as free people.

The Institute

The world as we knew it has ended. And if mankind has any hope of a good future, the progress of science must continue. Mankind, Redefined — is the right way forward.

Commonwealth Minutemen

Despite raiders, ghouls, super mutants, and powerful warring factions, ordinary survivors are not helpless in the Wastes. Those of us who can fight will rise to protect, support, and unify the people of the Commonwealth. Are you with us?

When you’ve made your choice, attach your faction logo to your clothes using the hooks lining the backs of the patches.


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