ESO Ambition Token #2

$20.00 USD

The Order of the Waking Flame is searching for dangerous relics of the past. Now, they descend into forgotten reaches of Tamriel to scheme and unlock power.

Beware, Little Mortal, of the Order of the Waking Flame. Keep your ESO Ambition Token #2 safe from zealots and Daedra worshippers who wish to use its power and seek the destruction of Tamriel. Beware of cultists and their rituals, and keep your eyes open for blood-red skies and the gates of Oblivion beneath.


  • Limited Production
    • Only 500 pieces worldwide
    • Individually-numbered on back of token
    • 2nd in a series of Ambition Tokens
  • Design
    • Embossed on both sides
    • Antique finish
    • Organic circular shape
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Daedric Script Writings
    • Front Top: Ambitions Four Cunning
    • Front Bottom: Justice Hope Courage
    • Back Top: Mehrunes Dagon
    • Back Bottom: Destruction Change Ambition


Elder Scrolls Online Video Game Merch

  • Collectibles: Coin / Token
  • Measurements (Single Token)
    • Diameter: 2.6 in (6.6 cm)
    • Thickness: 0.2 in (0.5 cm)
  • Measurements (Token with package)
    • Length: 2.76 in (7 cm)
    • Width: 3.15 in (8 cm)
    • Thickness: 0.71 in (1.8 cm)

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ESO Ambition Token #2

$20.00 USD


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