Fallout Deathclaw Mug

$22.00 USD



  • 3d-Sculpted
    • Deathclaw head
    • Deathclaw horns function as handles
  • Material
    • Ceramic
    • Hand-painted
  • Large Size
    • Height: 4.125 in (10.48 cm)
    • Widest point including handles: 7 in (17.78 cm)
    • Depth at widest point: 5.25 in (13.33 cm)
    • Bottom diameter: 3.125 in (7.94 cm)
    • Top diameter: 3.25 in (8.25 cm)
  • Large Capacity: 18 oz (532.32 mL)
  • Product color may differ from what is shown due to monitor display variance and the product’s hand painted nature.
    • Microwave and top-rack residential dishwasher safe
    • Hand wash is recommended due to size and shape



Fallout Deathclaw Lithograph

Fallout Deathclaw Plush

Fallout Deathclaw Wall Mount



With its killer looks and large size, the Fallout Deathclaw Mug will no doubt become the leader of the pack in your drinkware collection. 

Bring to your table the apex predator of the Wastes. This 3D-sculpted mug is modelled after a Deathclaw’s head. It wears an intimidating expression: yellow eyes glaring, sharp fangs bared. This is the last face so many in the Wasteland live to see, and it could be the face that would greet you in the morning whenever you’re ready to start your day.

So grab it by the horns and pour in your coffee. Those protrusions on either side aren’t just for show. They are handles to help you carry up to 18 ounces of your chosen drink—a large amount worthy of a Deathclaw’s larger-than-life reputation.

Do you love Deathclaws or do you love to hunt them? There’s something about drinking from its head that just lends a bit of attitude to your everyday routine. If you’re pro-Deathclaw, it could feel like a tribute to one of the most fascinating yet misunderstood creatures of the Wastes. If you’re anti-Deathclaw, well… how does it feel to drink from the skull of your enemy?



Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Home & Office: Coffee Mug

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    Fallout Deathclaw Mug

    $22.00 USD

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    $22.00 USD