Fallout Mojave Express Messenger Bag

$40.00 USD

When you're a courier fighting radioactive creatures and choosing between warring factions on your way to a delivery, you may want to keep your hands free of parcels and full of other things you could use for survival. Stash your parcels safely away with your Fallout Mojave Express Messenger Bag.


  • Brown messenger bag
  • Embroidered Mojave Express patch
  • Materials
    • 16 oz Canvas
    • Cotton webbing
    • Metal clip and buckle
    • Leather clip straps
  • Size: 15 x 11 x 4 in (381 x 279.4 x 101 mm)


NCR Veteran Ranger Backpack

Vault-Tec Overseer Bag


Inspired by the Courier (the player character of Fallout: New Vegas), this messenger bag features an embroidered logo of the Mojave Express on the front flap.

Made of thick and sturdy canvas, it's reliable and designed to last. Secure your items with its pair of leather straps which you fasten like you would an old-fashioned belt.

Inside, you get plenty of space for big items like books and devices, as well as curious bric-a-brac like playing cardschess pieces, or a poker chip.


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Accessories: Bag

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Fallout Mojave Express Messenger Bag

$40.00 USD

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$40.00 USD