Fallout Whiskey Stones


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It’s been a long day in the Wastes; you deserve to cool off. Why not have one for the road New Vegas-style with the Fallout Whiskey Stones?


  • Quantity: 12 whiskey stones
  • Material: Solid Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:
    • Individual stone size: 1.06 x 1.06 x 1.06 inches (27 x 27 x 27mm)
    • Box size: 4.69 x 3.62 x 1.3 inches (11.9 x 9.2 x 3.3cm)
  • Design: Etched symbols
    • Vault Boy
    • Nuclear symbol
    • Suit of spades
    • Suit of hearts
    • Suit of clubs
    • Suit of diamonds


Time to cool off, survivor.

If you’re going to while away in the Wasteland, you might as well do it in true New Vegas fashion. Have a glass of whiskey chilled by the Fallout Whiskey Stones!

Coming in a set of 12, the Fallout Whiskey Stones will keep your booze cool and explosive without watering it down.

Using the whiskey stones is simple: chill them in the freezer and they’ll be ready to pop in a glass anytime.

They’re not just useful, they’re nifty too—the stainless steel stones are etched with symbols to remind you of your time in the Wastes. Each stone is individually wrapped in plastic, packaged in a box to get to you spick and span.

If you don’t want to use the stones for drinks, display and show them off in a line like you stole ‘em from Lucky 38.

Whenever you need to unwind, a drink iced with these stones will throw you right into New Vegas Strip’s grit and glitz. Place your bets on these one-of-a-kind Fallout Whiskey Stones!


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  • Home & Office: Drinkware

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