Hircine Banner

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Raise your Elder Scrolls Online Hircine Banner and fulfill the Bloodmoon prophecy!


  • Emblem of Hircine, Lord of The Hunt
  • Vertical banner with one-sided print
  • Dimensions
    • Width:¬†15 in (1.25 ft or 38.1 cm)
    • Length:¬†42.5 in (3.5 ft or 107.9 cm)
  • Materials
    • 100% Polyester flag
    • 3 metal grommets



Show your faith in the Daedric Prince of Lycanthropy. This flag bears the emblem of Hircine, who blesses his children with the power and form of a beast. He never sought worship. But his children, the were-creatures, follow him. In the mortal realm, we await the Bloodmoon. In the afterlife, we hunt in paradise.

Use this large vertical flag to decorate your game room, liven up your walls, or embellish your home with the thrill of The Great Hunt.


The Elder Scrolls Online Video Game Merch

  • Home & Office:¬†Banner
  • Shipping Weight:¬†1.69 oz (47.91 g)
  • To remove the wrinkles when unpackaged, either steam or use a cotton cloth between the iron and banner

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Hircine Banner

$11.99 USD $15.00 USD

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$11.99 USD $15.00 USD