Women of Fallout Ornament Set

$20.00 USD

The holiday season has begun in the Wasteland and now it’s time to kick back at home. Your home. Made your way.

Deck your vault with your Women of Fallout Ornament Set!


  • Set of 3 ornaments featuring the following artworks on a gear-shaped background:
    • Handywoman with a Giant Pipe Wrench (Wasteland Workshop DLC)
    • Welder at Work (Contraptions DLC)
    • Builder with a Super Sledgehammer (Vault-Tec Workshop DLC)
  • Height: 3 in (7.62 cm)
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Die Cut


If you have fond memories of crafting experiments, arenas, and machines (or if you just want to honor women’s hard work), you’ll find much to love about this ornament set. 

This collection brings together the artworks of Fallout 4’s settlement-building workshop DLCs. To make them even more special, the print and the acrylic are die cut along the outline of each ornament’s shape.

Hang them on your walls or around your Christmas tree to add fun and personality to your holidays this year—and every year! Their thick, durable acrylic material makes sure of that.


  • Fallout home & office accessory: Christmas Ornaments
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.

Women of Fallout Ornament Set

$20.00 USD

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