All orders for delivery before Christmas Day will need to be placed by 2pm December 14th 2018.   

All orders placed after December 14th 2018 might not make it before Christmas Day.

Please review our Shipping Policy for an outline of our estimated shipping times.

Pre-order items that will not be shipping before the December 14th cut off.

Orders containing the following items will not ship by the deadline due to the items being on pre-order.  

  • DOOM Slayer Hoodie
  • Ladies Bound Until Death Hoodie
  • Vault 76 Onesie
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Vault 76 Bobbleheads
  • Fallout Power Fist
  • Fallout Plasma Pistol
  • Fallout Super Sledge
  • Fallout Atomic Atlas Statue
  • Dogmeat Statue
  • Relic Lithograph