16 Skyrim: Volsung Mask PotM

$15.00 USD

The Horror of Volskygge


In the days of old, when Dragons ruled the earth, there lived mortal men who worshipped the beasts as gods.

Of these Dragon Priests, Volsung was among the few to be granted a unique enchanted mask. Ages after his death, he lies atop a mountain in Haafingar—an undead horror in an icy tomb. But for all his devastating power, he’s still no match for the Dragonborn.

Keep a trophy of your glorious victory at Volskygge Peak with your limited edition Skyrim Volsung Mask Pin of the Month!


  • Limited Edition of only 600 pieces
  • Soft Enamel Pin based on the Volsung Mask as seen in Skyrim

2-Piece Hinged Flip Up Design

  • Top: Volsung Mask
  • Bottom: Khajit face wearing the Cloak of Volsung (Hood)
  • Bottom (Back): Sandy texture with debossed ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ & ‘Bethesda Pin of the Month 16’ logos
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Fastens with 2 Butterfly Clasps
  • Comes with full-color custom backer card


Keep your Dragon Priest Mask on at all times with this beautifully-detailed enamel pin. It renders Volsung’s mask in soft enamel, with raised, gold-colored outlines that give it a sculptural feel.

But that’s only half the story.

The hinge at the top allows you to raise the mask and reveal the face of a dashing khajit with golden eyes and black and white fur.

This special two-piece accessory comes in a limited edition of only 600 pieces. Put it on, or put it on display.

WARNING: The Volsung Mask Pin does not grant powers. When you put it on, you may or may not experience better luck when dealing with merchants. But please do not expect to be able to breathe underwater.


16 Skyrim: Volsung Mask PotM

$15.00 USD

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