Annihilator MKII Sentry Bot Statue

$95.00 USD

We just got word from Robotics Disposal. Some weird guys dressed in all black dropped off Sentry bots of some kind. Didn’t say who they were.

The disposal wants nothing to do with these 600 murder machines. Want to take one off their hands?

Add a legendary heavy-hitter to your collection with RobCo Industry’s finest fighting robot, the Fallout Annihilator MKII Sentry Bot Statue!


  • Limited production: 600 units only
  • Hand-painted
  • Color: Camo green 
  • Height: 9 in (22.86 cm)
  • Weight: over 3.5 lbs (over 1.59 kg)


  • Fixed
  • Gear design
  • Diameter: 9 in (22.86 cm)


Talk about killer looks! This weapons platform on wheels comes fully equipped.

It’s got a triple-barrel mini-gun and a triple-shot missile launcher for arms, plus a pair of cluster grenade launchers on its back.

This ultimate in high-end robotic engineering comes with hand-painted, realistic weathering.

This statue boasts a great deal of detail, right down to the fine little sculpts.

Start or guard your collection with this huge (9 in tall) and heavy (over 3.5 lbs) military robot statue. Production is limited, so get yours while you can.

And remember: whatever you do, stay off the grass!


  • Fallout collectible statue: sentry bot
  • Solid resin statue
  • Material: Polyresin


    Annihilator MKII Sentry Bot Statue

    $95.00 USD


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    $95.00 USD