Arkane Mug

$20.00 USD

Arkane Studios, creators of Dishonored and Prey (2017), have been reinventing stealth, choice, and immersion for over 20 years.

Celebrate this monumental achievement with the Arkane 20th Anniversary Coffee Mug. By the way it looks, it could double as a trophy!


  • Design: Arkane 20th anniversary logo
  • Color: Iridescent Gold (outside); white (inside)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 12 oz (354.88 mL)


Brandish your trophy. It’s golden, shiny, and mirror-esque. Channel a sense of achievement that only 20 years of video game innovation can bring.

Strike some small talk or more. This is a conversation piece for sure, with standout looks that will outshine most other mugs in your pantry.

So fill it up and show it off. It’s the perfect size to keep at home or in the office.

Use it often, it’s durable. With proper care, your high-strength, fracture-resistant Arkane mug will last you a lifetime.

Find more reasons to use it. Coffee, tea, ice cream, you name it! Because of its balanced weight and medium capacity, this mug can handle them all.

Speaking of handle, have you noticed how big that handle is? You’ll never worry about spillage with this one.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To protect the gold plating, we recommend that you hand wash this mug.

Arkane Mug

$20.00 USD

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