Assaultron Dominator Robot Statue

$95.00 USD

Better load up on those stimpaks. Because the second you see this murder machine might already be a second too late. Wait. It’s a replica? Phew!

Introducing the limited edition Fallout Assaultron Dominator Statue.


  • Limited Edition
    • Only 200 worldwide
    • Individually numbered
  • Design
    • Highly-detailed Assaultron replica
    • Featuring US Army markings
    • Color: Black “Dominator” paint variant with red laser cannon
  • Height: Approx. 8.3 in (21.08 cm)
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Hand-painted
  • Includes 1x decal insert
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.


If you want to face Fallout’s Assaultron Dominator and live, there is no surer way than to get yourself this beautifully-detailed statue. Now you can look it right in the laser eye.

Standing tall at 8.3 inches, this replica of a killer robot captures the likeness of its in-game counterpart—right down to the rivets and coils. It’s painted in black except for the red laser on its head, white markings on its chest, and some weathering effects in its joints.

If it looks familiar, you may have seen the all-grey Assaultron Prototype variant or the army green Assaultron variant. This Dominator version is just as rare as the former, and even rarer than the latter.


The Assaultron Statue is only one of several limited edition Fallout automatron statues. Catch more of the robot uprising—before it’s all over.


  • Fallout Video Game Merch
    • Collectible: Figure / Statue

    Assaultron Dominator Robot Statue

    $95.00 USD


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    $95.00 USD