Assaultron Statue

$95.00 USD

Updated on 8-24-2021

“Kilo, India, Lima, Lima!” A troop of US Army Assaultrons have descended on the Bethesda Gear Store. Watch out for their claws, head lasers, and limited quantity! Introducing the limited production Fallout Assaultron Statue.


  • Limited Production
    • Only 600 worldwide
    • Individually numbered
  • Design
    • Highly-detailed Assaultron replica
    • Featuring US Army markings
    • Color: Army Green body with red laser cannon
  • Height: Approx. 8.3 in (21.08 cm)
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Hand-painted
  • Created by development Plus Inc.


The Assaultron is one of Fallout’s most terrifying killer robots. Get too close, and it will eviscerate you with its razor-sharp claws. Run away, and it will annihilate you with its head-mounted laser cannon.

This 8.3-inch (21.08 cm) tall statue is a faithful replica of this humanoid terror. It features the aforementioned claw hands and head laser, plus all the little details that make the Assaultron. Gears, pipes, rivets and coils… they’re all part of the robot’s killer looks. And they’re all rendered beautifully in Polyresin.

In the world of Fallout, Assaultrons were sold to the US army as frontline combatants. This version features that lore with its army green paint and the markings on its chest. It comes in a limited production of only 600 worldwide.


The Assaultron Statue is only one of several limited production Fallout automatron statues. Catch more of the robot uprising—before it’s all over.


  • Fallout Video Game Collectible: Figure / Statue


    Assaultron Statue

    $95.00 USD


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    $95.00 USD