Dark Heart of Skyrim Lithograph

$40.00 USD

An ancient terror rises from the depths. Bring a gothic adventure of monsters, mysteries, and mortals to your The Elder Scrolls collection with your Dark Heart of Skyrim Lithograph


  • Limited production: 150 units only
  • Size: 24 x 18 in (60.96 x 45.72 cm)
  • Featuring Lyris Titanborn, the Vampire Lord and his monstrous army, and a peek into the underworld of Blackreach


Return to the home of the Nords… again and again. It’s always a joy to revisit this piece. This offset lithograph tells the story of Greymoor with well-preserved color and detail.

It captures the glory of Western Skyrim, the mysterious ancient threat that seeks to enslave it, and the heroes who have sworn to defend it.

Make room for adventure. Clear a large space for this standout piece of art. Display it on its own, line it up with your other prized artworks, or turn it into a backdrop for your Elder Scrolls collection.

Get yours while you can. At only 150 units, this limited production print is more elusive than Antiquities. So claim it now, archeologist—before you lose your chance.

Created by Development Plus, Inc.

    Dark Heart of Skyrim Lithograph

    $40.00 USD


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