DOOM EGX Exclusive Coin

DOOM EGX Exclusive Coin



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When DOOM turned 25, a very small batch of commemorative coins were made available at EGX UK. The special gold edition collectible has been elusive ever since. Don’t miss out on your final chance to get it.


  • Edition size: Only 1,000 pieces worldwide
  • Availability: Only 200 units on the Bethesda Gear Store!
  • Color: Antique Gold
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Embossed on both sides
  • Heads: DOOM Pentagram
  • Tails: DOOM logo and unique number
  • Size: 1.49 in (3.8 cm) diameter
  • Packaging: Acrylic cup and display pack with a special 25th-anniversary artwork
  • Available in the US exclusively through Bethesda Gear
  • Created by Fanattik


  • Rare. Be among the very few to own this exclusive collectible. Only 1,000 were ever produced, and we’re now counting down the last 200!
  • Commemorative. Celebrating 25 years of DOOM, this rare coin comes in a limited edition antique gold color.
  • Infernal. It’s inscribed with one of Doom’s iconic pentagrams as seen in the game. Watch out for hellspawn!
  • Unique. Each piece is individually-numbered, so yours will truly be one of a kind.
  • Heavyweight. With a satisfying weight to match its remarkable design, you’d be fighting the urge to pick it up and flip it ‘round.
  • Incorruptible. It’s made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy.
  • Exclusive. Get your authentic DOOM EGX Exclusive Coin at the official Bethesda Gear store, its only authorized US retailer.