DOOM Eternal Glass Growler

$25.00 USD

The Night Sentinels may have rejected the Elixir, but adult beverages are still Slayer-approved! Carry a great deal of liquids with the DOOM Eternal Glass Growler.


Printed on both sides:

  1. Stained Glass art from King Novik’s throne room
  2. DOOM Eternal logo
  • Color: Amber (to prevent UV light exposure)
  • Capacity: 64 oz (1.89 L)


Tap and go. If you wish you could take home or carry around more of your favorite drink, then let the taps flow, fill your huge growler up, and be on your way. 

Share your homebrew. If you want to share your home-made beverage with friends, this giant DOOM drinkware lets you give them a generous sample size. At 64 oz, there’s plenty to go around!

Preserve flavor. That dark amber color keeps UV light from turning your beverage into skunk spray.

Air exposure may have unwanted effects, too. So screw the cap on tightly to minimize contact with air.

Don’t make guesses. The see-through glass lets you avoid spillage when filling, and tells you how much drink you’ve got left.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: When filling, leave some space for the foam head. Keep your growler cold in the fridge. Rinse with hot water as soon as it’s empty. Avoid extreme temperatures.


  • DOOM Eternal collectible barware
  • Material: Glass (growler); metal (cap)

Created by Development Plus Inc.

    DOOM Eternal Glass Growler

    $25.00 USD


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    $25.00 USD