DOOM Eternal Magnet Set 2

$15.00 USD

Turn any metal surface into a death metal surface with your DOOM Magnet Set 2!


  • Set of 4 magnets, including
    • DOOM Slayer
    • DOOM Eternal Blood Punch Artwork
    • DOOM Eternal Battlemode Avatars
    • "Hello My Name Is The Slayer" Name Tag
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Die-cut
  • DOOM logo on magnet


Let's walk through every piece of art in this collection:

DOOM Slayer

Let Doomguy ward demons off your fridge, toolbox, locker, or filing cabinet. Doomblade drawn and shoulder-mounted cannon ready, you know he means business.

DOOM Eternal Blood Punch Artwork

We managed to capture the moment your lethal Blood Punch hit a Zombie. Poor thing.

DOOM Eternal Battlemode Avatars

What do the Slayer, Archvile, Mancubus, Pain Elemental, Marauder, and Revenant have in common? They're all playable in Battlemode, and now you can have their HUD avatars in one attractive trinket!

"Hello My Name Is The Slayer" Name Tag

It's not like you need any introduction, but maybe a simple name tag can make UAC personnel feel a little more at ease around you. Also available as a hinged pin.

Each artwork is printed with rich colors and sharp detail on acrylic that's die cut along its silhouette. A thick layer of acrylic with the same shape sits on top to protect it and give it a glassy finish.

Personalize anything metal with your DOOM Magnet Set 2!


  • DOOM Home & Office Accessory: Magnet Set
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.

DOOM Eternal Magnet Set 2

$15.00 USD

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$15.00 USD