Doom Eternal Maykr Puzzles 1000

$20.00 USD

Page edited 8/26/2021

Hell is a playground for The DOOM Slayer and your puzzle-solving skills. Can you face this fiery challenge? Presenting the DOOM Eternal Maykr Puzzle 1000.


  • Artwork: Detail of DOOM Eternal key art focusing on the Khan Maykr and other high-level enemies
  • Rich colors and details
  • What’s in the box?
  • 1x 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • 1x poster of the artwork featured in the puzzle
  • 1x cotton-laced pouch for the puzzle pieces
  • Finished Puzzle Dimensions
    • Width: 26.77 (68 cm)
    • Height: 18.9 in (48 cm)
  • Puzzle Piece Specs
    • Anti-glare canvas finish
    • Fully interlocking fit
    • Resistant to bending
  • Comes in a dust jacket box with full-color DOOM Eternal-themed design


In this box, you’ll find 1,000 puzzle pieces, a pouch to keep them all in, and a poster that doubles as a guide for the epic vision of Hell on Earth that you’re about to piece together.

The artwork is a detail of the key art for DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition, zeroing in on the DOOM Slayer and the game’s top-tier enemies. Putting the pieces together will turn your attention to details in their designs that you may have not noticed before.

Once completed, you are rewarded with a large artwork that looks great in any lighting, given the anti-glare canvas finish on the puzzle pieces.


  • DOOM Video Game Merch
    • Tabletop Game: Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Shipping Weight: 89 oz (0.11 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 8.27 x 5.91 x 5.91 in (210.06 x 150.11 x 150.11 cm)

    Doom Eternal Maykr Puzzles 1000

    $20.00 USD


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    $20.00 USD