DOOM Eternal Mini Marauder Collectible

$30.00 USD

A new enemy joins your DOOM Eternal Mini Figure collection.

Prepare your Fortress of Doom for the arrival of the formidable and downright adorable Mini Marauder Figure



You can find this little guy’s doppelgänger in Taras Nabad. He’s an in-game collectible brought to life—horns and all.

He’s got that mean stare, pale skin, detailed armor, and argent battle axe. Look closely and you’ll find the little sculpted details and accents present. And they’re all hand-painted, too!

Display him beside your Mini Slayer and Mini Tyrant. Given that they’re all on the same scale, he’ll fit right in. 

Like the defensive powerhouse it’s based on, your Mini Marauder Figure is durable, but not indestructible. So take good care of it. He’s rare, after all. There are only 1000 of him worldwide.

Watch out! More replicas of DOOM Eternal’s secret collectible figures are coming. This one’s only the third. Who do you think should come next? 


  • DOOM Eternal collectible: mini figure
  • Based on the Marauder figure in DOOM Eternal
  • Detailed sculpt and paint
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: Approx. 3 ounces (80 g)

DOOM Eternal Mini Marauder Collectible

$30.00 USD


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$30.00 USD