DOOM Eternal Samurai Slayer Lithograph

$45.00 USD


  • Limited Production
    • Only 400 worldwide
    • Hand-numbered
  • Art by David Koenig
    • Inspired by traditional Japanese artworks called musha-e or “warrior pictures”
    • Intricately detailed portrait of the DOOM Slayer and Daisy, his beloved pet rabbit
  • Material: 100# White McCoy Silk Cover
  • Size: 24 x 18 in (60.96 x 45.72 cm)


  • Please Note: This lithograph is shipped rolled, in a tube, to reduce the chance for damage during shipping. See bottom of the description for options to flatten your lithograph.
  • Due to differences between monitor displays, your product may vary from the images shown.



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The DOOM Eternal Samurai Slayer Lithograph is a portrait of a lone warrior in a sea of fearsome creatures. Inspired by traditional Japanese woodcut prints called musha-e or “warrior pictures”, it imagines the DOOM Slayer in samurai armor with intricate geometric patterns.

His helmet is a blend of its original shape and visor with elements of a samurai’s kabuto: a pair of horns that bend backward, ear-like projections emerging from the sides, and a half mask with a beastly nose and mouth.

In his hand is a super shotgun adorned with the image of a mythical being. On his back, he carries a pair of swords.

Though he is the subject of the artwork, the DOOM Slayer is not in the foreground of the composition. That honor belongs to Daisy, his beloved pet rabbit. The two of them are depicted to have matching koi tattoos.

Created by painter and tattoo artist David Koenig, this piece features graceful lines, intricate details, and a few carefully-chosen colors to honor the tradition that inspired it: artworks that immortalized legendary warriors and their greatest battles.

The DOOM Eternal Samurai Slayer Lithograph is a limited production of only 400 individually-numbered prints.



Dave Koenig is a painter and tattooer based out of Omaha, Nebraska. He has been tattooing, both locally and internationally, since 2001. Working with a wide range of mediums from Ink and water color to large scale acrylic, and even digital, Dave maintains a controlled looseness of line work and a delicate treatment of color. Although heavily influenced by Japan’s historic culture and use of patterns, his work also reflects the imagery and antiquity of both American Traditional and Art Nouveau. You can find Dave Koenig’s work at



To flatten your lithograph, the following measures may be taken.


Option 1

Unroll your lithograph and lay it between 2 boards that are larger than the print. Make sure the boards are clean or sandwich your print between tissue paper. Place heavy items evenly across the top of the boards. Leave as long needed to flatten the print.


Option 2

You can lightly iron your lithograph on a flat and heat resistant surface. Set your iron to the lightest setting first. You must place either a pressing cloth or towel between the iron and the print. Otherwise, you will burn your print. It is advised that you have the print face down when ironing. Gently press your iron on the cloth and print, moving back and forth only on the cloth until the area is flat. Do this across the entire print. If you feel the iron is not hot enough gently increase the temperature until the desired effect is achieved.


Option 3

Take your print to a professional framing service and have them frame or mount it on a board.

The Bethesda Gear Store will not be held liable if you damage your print using the above methods. These are merely options to help you get the most out of your lithograph.



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DOOM Eternal Samurai Slayer Lithograph

$45.00 USD

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$45.00 USD