DOOM 'Level Up' Medallions

$28.00 USD

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It’s one thing to see a medal beside your name, but quite another to hold and admire it up close. Bring your Arcade Mode achievements to life with one or all of these DOOM ‘Level Up’ Medallions!


  • Choose your demon! (Variants sold separately. Pick one per order.)
    • Gold Baron Of Hell
    • Silver Cacodemon
    • Bronze Pinky
  • Each is a replica of an Arcade Mode rating from DOOM 2016
    • Highly-detailed
    • Heavily-embossed
  • Limited to only 5,000 pieces per medallion worldwide
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Supplied with a display stand within its presentation box
  • Created by Fanattik


There are two kinds of arcade mode DOOM Slayers: those who play to beat their own highest scores, and those who play to beat everyone else’s. Both fight like hell for their ratings. And why wouldn’t you? Your rating gives you bragging rights and a shiny piece of eye candy—be it bronze, silver, or gold.

Get yourself a rare memento - or three - to celebrate all the excitement of slaughtering every demon you see in every way possible as fast as you can.


DOOM Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Medallions

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    DOOM 'Level Up' Medallions

    $28.00 USD


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    $28.00 USD