Doom Lost Soul Keychain

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A cuddly Pain Elemental, a candy-colored DOOM Slayer, and pets with Hellish runes on their backs. Think you’ve seen it all? How about a skull demon on a chain? Introducing the DOOM Lost Soul Keychain


  • Detailed and stylized rendition of the ‘Lost Soul’ enemy from DOOM
  • Dimensions: 76x 2.76 in(7 x 7 cm)
  • Materials
    • Zinc Alloy soft enamel Lost Soul
    • Metal chain and split ring


Lost Souls don’t tend to stick around too long in battle. They come at you fast! Then, they disappear just as quickly—blown to bits by your weapons or their own doing.

Being lesser demons, it’s easy to not spare them a second thought. That is until you take time to appreciate their design. Then, you’d want to have one with you always. This detailed little soft enamel trinket lets you do that and more. 

Use your Lost Soul keychain to keep your regular and Slayer Keys in one place. It can also be a fun little charm to add to your jacket, bag, and anything else with a zipper pull.


DOOM Video Game Merch

  • Accessory: Keychain

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Doom Lost Soul Keychain

$1.99 USD $15.00 USD


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$1.99 USD $15.00 USD