DOOM Pain Elemental Statue

$70.00 USD

Bring a grotesque display of teeth, jaws, claws, and agony to your collection with the limited edition DOOM Pain Elemental Statue!


  • Limited edition: 500 pieces
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Height: 4.4 in (11.18 cm)
  • Fixed base
  • Hand-painted
  • Individually numbered on the bottom


to your Fortress of DOOM!

Watch out! Hell let loose only 500 of these tortured meatballs. And when they’re all taken, they won’t come back.

This black hole of lost souls comes perched on a mount, so you can let it float on your desk or display shelf.

Get up close. It just looks like it, but it won’t bite. So go on and check out all those sick details. The armored back, the fine little textures, and the subtle shifts in color are all captured meticulously.

This is all possible because it’s hand-painted, and made of polyresin, a sturdy material that holds paint well and allows a high level of detail and texture.

It’s a tank. Much like its in-game counterpart, this statue packs a massive HP. This one is no cannon fodder. But no demon is indestructible. So be sure to take good care of yours.


  • limited edition collectible
  • 17+ 

DOOM Pain Elemental Statue

$70.00 USD


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$70.00 USD