DOOM Shot Glass Set

DOOM Shot Glass Set



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Shoot shots of infernal firepower with your very own Doom Shot Glass Set! Inspired by the devastating power of the super shotgun, this pair of glassware is modeled after classic 12 gauge shells. As if that’s not badass enough, they’ve also got the Doom logo printed large across the body. If you ever catch a break between ripping and tearing, make time to add these gems to your collection.

Grab yours now to open a portal to one hell of a rip-roaring time. Bottoms up, Doomslayer!

Here’s the primer on this product:
 Set of 2! You are but one man. You could down double barrels on your own. Or share the other glass with a friend!
 Realistic! Try NOT to load up any actual shotgun with these. They may look almost like real shells, but we guarantee that they’re not actually ammo.
 Heavy! Made of red glass bodies and gold-finished brass bottoms they have such a satisfying weight, you’ll surely enjoy picking them up.
 Hefty! Each glass is 4.5" high x 2" wide, and able to hold up to 1.9 oz.
 Hand Wash Only.

Raze hell, and raise a glass! May your thirst for retribution never quench!

Created by Just Funky