DOOM Slayer Stubbins

DOOM Slayer Stubbins


Keep those demons at bay with this cuddly effigy of the DOOM Slayer, he might not look as tough in Stubbins form but don’t tell him that! Encased in his green armor the Slayer will be the talk of your toy shelf, Please be mindful he doesn’t rip and tear any competition. Let your arms be a safe harbor for the DOOM Slayer, the one that saved earth countless times and we are certain he'll love you back eternally.

The "Stubbins" are soft, plushy companions from your favorite videogame characters. Approximately 8-inches tall and very cuddly.

Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.

***Due to a manufacturing delay, the shipping date is moving from December 2019 to the end of March 2020***