Doom UAC License Plate

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If anyone sees your DOOM UAC License Plate and asks what you do, just smile and tell them it’s top secret.


  • Design
    • DOOM-themed novelty plate
    • Colors: medium gray plate with white graphic
    • UAC logo
    • Union Aerospace Corporation
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Frame Size:
    • Width: 11.9 in (30.23 cm)
    • Height: 6 in (15.24 cm)
  • Hardware Provided
    • 4 screws
    • 4 plastic covers
  • IMPORTANT: Please check local laws before displaying this novelty license plate on your vehicle


Here at the UAC, we take pride in nurturing a growing workforce. Apart from the opportunity to be harvested promoted, you can also enjoy some fun accessories to show how proud you are of our important and groundbreaking work. One example is the DOOM Limited Edition Red Replica Key Card worn by special personnel at work. Another is this custom license plate.

It features our organization’s logo in a sleek black and white design that would look good on any vehicle. Made of aluminum, it’s strong and easy to clean—giving it high chances of surviving any incidents at the lab.

Please note that local laws vary regarding the use of novelty plates. If you can’t put this on your car, it will look equally good on your wall or door.


DOOM Video Game Merch

  • Automobile Accessories: Novelty License Plate

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Doom UAC License Plate

$2.49 USD $15.00 USD


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$2.49 USD $15.00 USD