ESO Ouroboros License Plate

$15.00 USD

Lion. Dragon. Eagle. Let the symbols of the Three Banners War join your journeys through your ESO Ouroboros License Plate.


  • Design
    • Elder Scrolls Online-themed novelty plate
    • Colors: Black plate with gold graphic
    • ESO Ouroboros symbol
    • The Elder Scrolls Online logo
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Frame Size:
    • Width: 11.9 in (30.23 cm)
    • Height: 6 in (15.24 cm)
  • Hardware Provided
    • 4 screws
    • 4 plastic covers
  • IMPORTANT: Please check local laws before displaying this novelty license plate on your vehicle


Bring the Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonhart Pact, and Aldmeri Dominion along wherever you travel with this automobile accessory. It features The Elder Scrolls Online's gold-colored, three-headed Ouroboros on a black background. Underneath is a small print of the game’s logo.

Put it in place with the provided screws and covers. It’s made of aluminum which makes it strong and easy to clean.

Please note that local laws vary regarding the use of novelty plates. If you can’t put this on your vehicle, it will look equally good on your wall or door.


The Elder Scrolls Online Video Game Merch

  • Automobile Accessories: Novelty License Plate

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ESO Ouroboros License Plate

$15.00 USD

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$15.00 USD