Exclusive Fallout Nuka Cola Die-Cast Delivery Truck

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The Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck's huge load bay and all-metal chassis has been perfectly designed to transport a precious, but weighty, cargo of Nuka-Cola bottles to retail destinations all over the US. Some say the drink is too sugary, but no one can deny that the luxurious candy red metallic paintwork of this beautiful model is a thirst quencher that'll take pride of place at the center of every collection.

Marvel at the scale of the colossal transaxle, a necessary design feature needed to support enormous loads and handle the power delivered by the diesel-fusion engine nestled under the cab to the four rear wheels clad in aviation-grade rubber. The innovative tilt cab allows easy access to the engine for servicing and repairs; although little or no repairs are ever likely to be needed in the field, as the Nuka-Cola truck packs one of Chryslus' most reliable V8 motors; the engine of choice for the workhorse proven in the famous Chryslus utility Pick-R-Up.

Seeing a Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck on a sunny street corner in your neighborhood is guaranteed to lift your spirits as you drive by. And, if you happen to catch a glimpse of the delivery agent lugging a case of Nuka-Cola bottles into a store or restocking a vending machine, toot your horn and give them a cheery wave to let them know that you appreciate the hard work they do to bring you your favorite soda.

1:18 scale: Matching the scale of the Fusion Flea and the Pick-R-Up

Enormous size: At a massive 15" (38 cm) long, this truck will be the jewel in the crown of your prewar collection

Metallic Paint: The lustrous deeply glossy, cherry red metallic paint with Nuka-Cola graphics

Chromium plated: Light cowls and front fender, door handles, and door mirrors, with a realistic mixture of matt and reflective chrome finishes

Unique license plate: Each truck comes with its own unique license number shown on a special license plate sticker which is applied by the owner to the license plate holder

Opening doors: Interior cab light illuminates and the inner detail of the cockpit is revealed; the tailgate lowers and rear doors open to reveal cavernous load bay

Tilting cab: Engine lights up with nuclear glow when the cab is tilted forward to reveal V8 engine

Removable nuclear core: Glow-in-the-dark removable engine core; glows green when charged by bright light

Limited Release: Manufacturing limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide

Batteries Included: The Delivery Truck uses 3 x AAA batteries which are included.

The 1:18 Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck, a service reward in commemoration of one million, accident-free miles driven: Carl Wallace (Nuka-Cola Corporation Driver 09899) died when the bombs fell while waiting for a tow truck to rescue him and his totaled rig after he collided with a deer. Twelve years before however, he could not know anything about his grisly demise when he was being honored by JC Bradberton, the CEO of the Nuka-Cola Corporation, for driving one million, trouble-free miles, delivering the sugar-infused, thirst-quenching beverage happy customers all over America. This letter, which is included with the limited release Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck, marks that special moment twelve years before 2077.


Find one of the Golden Tickets hidden randomly in ten Nuka-Cola Delivery Trucks to win your very own hand-painted post-war, rusty Fusion Flea.

Not content with making the most gorgeous brand new die-cast 1:18 scale Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck, The Wand Company are giving away ten dilapidated old post-war Fusion Fleas, hand-painted by Andy Hibbs, to ten lucky Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck owners who find a Golden Ticket in their Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck pack.

The ten 1:18 scale die-cast Fusion Fleas have been hand-painted to match the war-torn micro-vehicles as seen in the Fallout games, left strewn about the Wasteland landscape. These hand-painted specials are sure to be the perfect complement to any collection and will nicely offset the glossy perfection of the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck. Covered in rust and with cracked canopies, these replicas would not look out of place abandoned by the side of an overgrown, war-ravaged road, 200 years from now, but nevertheless, they will look just as good in your present-day display.

IMPORTANT - Note that this promotion can only be entered by buying a Nuka Coal Delivery Truck from the US Bethesda Gear Store

Full details of the promotion together with the terms and conditions can be found at www.thewandcompany.com/nuka-cola-golden-ticket-flea/

Due to its hand-finished nature, product color and finish may vary from rendered images.

No returns will be accepted. Replacements only for shipping damage or manufacturing defects.

Exclusive Fallout Nuka Cola Die-Cast Delivery Truck

$150.00 USD


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$150.00 USD