Fallout Chess

Fallout Chess


It’s time to exercise the ‘I’ in your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. training through the classic strategy game known as chess!  Choose to lead the Lone Wanderer and his team of ally inhabitants, or the Super Mutant Master with some of the post-war’s most malicious creatures.  Featuring a war-torn game board and  32 custom vinyl pieces, this collectible set brings the Wasteland skirmishes to the table top.

Ages 7+
2 Players


  • Premium Tin Packaging
  • 32 Custom Fallout Figurine Chess Pieces
  • 1 Custom Fallout Game Board 
  • Instructions

Heroes Represented by:

  • The Lone Wanderer (King)
  • Dogmeat (Queen)
  • Mr. Handy (Rooks)
  • Brotherhood of Steel Scribes (Bishops)
  • Brotherhood of Steel Knights (Knights)
  • Vault Dwellers (Pawns)

Villains Represented by:

  • The Super Mutant Master (King)
  • The Deathclaw (Queen)
  • Protectrons (Rooks)
  • The Glowing Ones (Bishops)
  • Sentry Bots (Knights)
  • Raiders (Pawns)
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