Fallout Military Flea Die-Cast Replica

$100.00 USD

The job of a scout is fraught with danger, but this little three-wheeler can make it all fun. With a glowing engine, tinted glass and silky-smooth matte green battle livery, the Fallout Fusion Flea Military Variant is a peppy powerhouse fit for the fray.


  • Limited to only 1,200 pieces worldwide
  • Collector’s Fusion Flea Replica
    • Livery: Matte green with military-style graphics and mission decals
    • Premium die-cast quality
    • Silky-smooth, low reflectance matte paint
    • Dechromed brightwork
    • Tinted canopy
    • Open the canopy to reveal its detailed interior (cockpit)
  • With LED Lighting Effects
    • Open the engine hood to reveal its engine’s nuclear glow
    • Battery Requirements: 3x LR44 button cell batteries (included, fitted with isolation tab)
  • Bundled With
    • 1x Military Star Patch
    • 1x “News from Anchorage” Postcard
    • 1x Chryslus Fusion Flea Owner’s Manual
  • Measurements
    • Scale: 1:18th
    • Dimensions: 98 x 88 x 196 mm
    • Weight: 482 g


The Chryslus Military Flea is the perfect vehicle for long sorties deep into enemy territory. It has a superbly reliable diesel fusion engine that’s as economical as it is powerful. Lift the hood to see its nuclear glow!

This reconnaissance vehicle’s size belies its tactical prowess. It’s light, nimble and small enough to drive undetected through enemy defenses. The slick, low reflectance matte green paintwork blends perfectly with a range of environments—rendering the Military Flea all but undetectable when it counts.

The livery is neatly offset by the dechromed brightwork, self coloured in a contrasting darker matte green with black headlamp cowls and wing nudge-rails. A tinted canopy detailed with the ejector seat warning triangle finishes off its battleworthy looks.

This highly detailed collectible prop replica of Chryslus’s special three-wheel ultra-sub-compact single-seater military vehicle has been carefully fabricated from a mix of thickly painted die-cast metal, engineering plastics, and thermoplastic rubber, to give a truly evocative collector’s vehicle.

Designed to replicate the specially commissioned military scout vehicles covertly deployed all along the US Army’s advancing fronts, this Flea comes complete with a special infantry patch and commemorative postcard from the Alaska campaign.


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Replica

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    Fallout Military Flea Die-Cast Replica

    $100.00 USD


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    $100.00 USD