Fallout NCR Hat and Pin Set

$30.00 USD

Show your pride for the NCR with the Fallout NCR Hat and Pin Set. 


  • 1x NCR Hat
    • Cotton Twill
    • Acid wash
    • Black hat with red bill, top button and back strap
    • On front: red twill appliqued star and white embroidered NCR logo
    • On side back: white embroidered NCR
  • 1x NCR Pin
    • Material: zinc alloy
  • NOTE: Due to the nature of acid wash, the hat will vary in color. 


Good ol’ fashion sweat equity never looked so good. At least that’s what others may think when they see your hat and NCR pin. The faded look of this hat appears as if it’s seen many days in the sun. A casual nod to the hard workers who built the NCR nation.

Wear this relaxed hat with or with out the NCR pin. It has a soft touch to it and goes great with just about anything. The NCR pin is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of Fallout pins. Or for those who are favor the NCR faction’s ideals. 

The hat is acid wash, which makes the fabric softer and fades the color to a distressed look. This wash method makes every hat UNIQUE and therefore, no two hats will look alike. 

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  • Accessories: Hat
  • Slide strap

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Fallout NCR Hat and Pin Set

$30.00 USD

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$30.00 USD