Fallout New California Republic Desert Ranger Statue

$90.00 USD

Commemorate your story as the Courier in Zion Canyon with the limited production Fallout New California Republic Desert Ranger Statue!


  • Based on a lore-rich unique armor from Fallout: New Vegas (Honest Hearts DLC)
  • Limited Production
    • Only 500 worldwide!
    • Individually-numbered
  • Statue wearing Desert Ranger Combat Armor
    • Desert camouflage
    • “Forgive Me Mama” on the helmet
    • Green-eyed visor
    • Gas mask
    • Olive green duster
    • Worn-out khaki pants
    • Collar identifying Sergeant R.B. Vickers
    • The Survivalist’s Rifle
    • Single-sided NCR flag
  • Height: Approx. 8 in (20.33 cm)
  • Hand-painted
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.
  • This is a pre-order item that is estimated to ship during the month of July 2021


The armor that this statue wears is carrying a long, meaningful history including two lives—those of Sergeant R.B. Vickers, a soldier who served in the Yangtze Campaign, and Randall Clark, also known as the Survivalist or the Father in the Cave. Three lives, if you count yours as the Courier in Zion Canyon. Behind the figure is a hint of another layer in its story: the flag of the New California Republic.

Put this statue on prominent display and reminisce your Honest Hearts story every time you look at it. It includes the special desert camouflage on the vest, the distinct green eyes of the visor, the words, “Forgive me mama” on the helmet, and the Survivalist’s rifle in the figure’s right hand.

This collectible comes in a limited production size of only 500 worldwide.


  • Fallout Video Game Merch
    • Collectible: Figure / Statue

    Fallout New California Republic Desert Ranger Statue

    $90.00 USD


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    $90.00 USD