Fallout Protectron Red Rocket Variant Statue

$59.99 USD $95.00 USD

Welcome to the Red Rocket Mega Stop. How may I assist you today? Would you like gasoline, diesel, or coolant? Maybe a slushie? How about a dashing limited-production Fallout Protectron Red Rocket Variant Statue?


  • Limited Production
    • Only 600 worldwide!
    • Individually-numbered
  • Highly-detailed Protectron replica statue
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 3.86 in (9.8 cm)
    • Width: 3.55 in (9.02 cm)
    • Height: 6.23 in (15.82 cm)
  • Material: Polyresin


Fallout Protectron Statue

Fallout Assaultron Statue

Fallout Quantum Power Armor Variant


A variant of the original Protectron statue, this model wears a Red Rocket uniform: red and black with a contrasting stripe around the torso, a lightning icon on each shoulder, and a little bowtie to top it all off. There’s a Red Rocket logo on either side of its head. The PROTECTRON brand embossed on its back adds a nice touch.

Perhaps a testament to the robot’s hard work and long service, its “outfit” proudly displays some distress. Did the yellowy accents use to be bright white? What’s the story behind the flaking paint? Was it caused by heat coming off those laser hands? Damage from battle? Or plain old age? The post-War world has clearly given this red robot a lot of character.

But don’t be fooled by its friendly appearance. The Red Rocket Protectron is armed and trained to act if - in its own words - it senses that the “family friendly environment is currently at risk.”


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Statue

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Fallout Protectron Red Rocket Variant Statue

$59.99 USD $95.00 USD


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$59.99 USD $95.00 USD