Fallout Protectron Statue

$95.00 USD

Please read the following in a retro robot voice, then a jarringly different pre-recorded human voice when you reach the very last sentence:

I. Am. The. RobCo. Protectron. Constructed for a. Multitude. Of. Civil. Service. Applications. From. Security. To. Fire! Fighting. Welcome me. To your. Collection. With the. Limited. Production. Fallout Protectron Statue!


  • Limited Production
    • Only 600 worldwide
    • Individually-numbered
  • Design
    • Highly-detailed Protectron replica
    • Features default mint green colorway
    • Hand-painted
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 3.86 in (9.8 cm)
    • Width: 3.55 in (9.02 cm)
    • Height: 6.23 in (15.82 cm)
  • Material: Polyresin


Unlike the other robots that came to the Gear Store before him, the Protectron is not a murder machine, but a work drone. We at RobCo Industries are proud of this friendly, helpful fella and its topnotch sense of humor.

Before you commit to employing a fleet of tireless Protectron laborers, you might want to grab this little statue to see if it’s the right automatron for your business.

The statue looks just like its full-size version: green paint, claw hands with laser palms, and that dome head with its jumble of robot brains. You’ll meet this hardworking employee at the best-performing shops, factories, metro stations, bottling plants, and more.

They are the backbone of the economy, continuing to enthusiastically serve after surviving the nuclear apocalypse. We hope you can understand it for having some rusty spots in a few places. It’s really more of a cosmetic detail that adds to their charm.

Catch this gorgeous collectible statue before its limited production of only 600 pieces are all gone.


RobCo Industries’ catalog offers a wide-range of robots to meet different kinds of needs. You might want to consider the following if you need an attack robot or one that will wait on you hand and foot. Just don’t get them mixed up, okay?


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Figure / Statue

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    Fallout Protectron Statue

    $95.00 USD


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    $95.00 USD