Fallout Red Rocket Custom Mug

$9.99 USD $20.00 USD

Gasping for a drink? Fuel up with your Fallout Red Rocket Custom Mug!


  • Red Rocket design with custom handle
  • Capacity: 11 oz (approx. 312 mL)


with your next dose of coffee, tea, or Nuka! Pour any of your favorite drinks into this mug and enjoy.

This retro future design is made for lift off! Check out its custom handle that looks just like a Red Rocket. You also get the iconic Red Rocket logo on the front of the mug.

Carry around just enough to satisfy your thirst or craving. At 11 ounces capacity, it’s just the right size to for one good serving. Coming back for seconds won’t hurt. But remember, waste not! We didn’t win the Trashbusters Award for nothing.

And because it’s portable and durable, your Red Rocket Custom Mug makes sure you’re good to go.

WARNING: The words, “gasoline,” “diesel,” and “fusion” are part of the Red Rocket company’s logo design. Red Rocket is not responsible for any unfortunate incidents that result from pouring or drinking fuel, using this - or any other - mug.


  • Fallout drinkware: mug
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Black / Red / Cream
  • Dimensions: 3.42" x 3.42" x 3.85"

Fallout Red Rocket Custom Mug

$9.99 USD $20.00 USD


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$9.99 USD $20.00 USD