Fallout Tranquility Lane Watch

$60.00 USD

It’s a timepiece and a conversation piece in one!

How can you tell if you’re living in a simulation? If you check your arm and find this silly wristwatch instead of the expected Pip-Boy, congratulations! You are in Tranquility Lane—the real world. Don’t let Old Lady Dithers tell you otherwise.

If that doesn’t sound like you, don’t fret! To leave your virtual simulation, all you need is to get the Fallout Tranquility Lane Watch.


  • Novelty Vault Boy design
  • As seen in Tranquility Lane from Fallout 3!
  • Premium genuine leather band
  • Movement is made in Japan
  • High impact resistance
  • Developed by top Vault-Tec scientist, Dr. Stanislaus Bran

Can a simulation do this?

Upgrade your look. Make any outfit instantly more fun. Vault Boy would give you a thumbs up, but he’s too busy spinning his arms around.

Keep going for a very long time. A very long time, indeed. This collectible watch is not all looks. Its premium construction and Japan-made engine make it durable as well as repairable. So it will remain in great working condition with proper care.


  • comes in premium Vault-Tec themed packaging
  • Case: 43 mm brass
  • Movement: Miyota 2025
  • analog display
  • numberless face

    Fallout Tranquility Lane Watch

    $60.00 USD


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