Holotape Mini-Kit


Holotapes, the highly recognizable memory storage device from the Fallout universe, are found scattered throughout Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. This holotape has been designed to fit the Wand Company Pip-Boy kit and is fun to assemble with the Vault-Tec tools supplied. Screw together the four housing parts and snap on the tape slider and you’re ready to display your holotape or further modify it by adding weathering or your own specially written label.

This simple, inexpensive holotape mini construction kit is the perfect introduction to The Wand Company’s Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Construction Kit and our Pip-Boy Bluetooth Speaker Stand Kit (due for release in mid-2019).

Collect the cards, with one of 10 randomly placed one to a box, each depicting a different one of the iconic 8-bit-style Pip-Boy games.

Easy to build: Two screws hold the four parts together (instructions supplied)

Self-coloured: The holotape needs no painting and is ready to play with once built

Vault-Tec tools: Supplied with two miniature Vault-Tec screwdrivers

Fits the Pip-Boy 2000: Compatible with a constructed Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI kit

Perfect for weathering: Perfect your weathering skills on this neat little tape

Collectible Game Card: Each holotape mini-kit is supplied with one of 10 different game cards

Multi Pack has all cards: Game Cards are packed blind but packed so that each full display unit has one of each card inside the mini-kits in that display unit.

Nine special, never-before-seen versions of the game ident images have been created especially for this kit, one for each of the Fallout Pip-Boy 8-bit games. An additional “Game Over” card, makes the set up to 10. The reverse of the card carries simple assembly instructions. 

Each kit includes one of 10 randomly placed collectible game cards, sealed blind into a Vault-Tec envelope, providing an added surprise for the kit builder. The multipack display unit comprises 10 mini-kits, each with a different game card to collect.

This mini-kit is great value; even with all the tools you’ll need to construct it included, it’s highly affordable. It couldn’t be simpler to build and is suitable for everyone; it’s a fantastic introduction to very simple kit building, the perfect complement to the existing Pip-Boy kit, or an ideal piece to practice your weathering skills; all in all, a great little collectible.

Packaging: Carton box in-universe graphics with barcode details on base

Box contents: Holotape housing components, 3 x M2 screws, 2 x Vault-Tec Screwdrivers, and a sealed Vault-Tec envelope containing one of 10 different Pip-Boy 8-bit game cards

Product history: This little kit was originally devised as a giveaway for the GameStop annual managers’ conference. At the conference, the response to it was so good that we thought it would make a great little product in its own right for fans that couldn’t afford the Pip-boy kit or for those people who wanted to add some more holotapes to their collection. To make it more of a collectible we added a set of special 8-bit Game Cards. The cards are randomly placed in each pack (one to a pack) and sealed into a special little Vault-Tec envelope. This product may be distinguished from the original giveaway by the barcode on its base (note: the giveaway version does not include a Game Card and doesn’t have the barcode on the base of the pack).

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many parts are in the kit?

Answer: Seven (plus one spare screw). The holotape has four main components to make up the main body, which are held together by two screws before a tape protector slider is snapped into place. One spare screw is supplied with the kit.

Is the holotape a ‘screen-accurate’ replica?

Answer: As no fully accurate 3D manufacturing quality CAD reference exists for the holotape, the design of this holotape replica has been based on Bethesda’s design department’s in-game geometry. In the game, the size of the holotape differs from time to time depending on the context, so the scale has been judged with reference to the Holotape mechanism in the Pip-Boy, which itself is sized to fit an adult human arm.



Holotape Mini-Kit



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