Irradiated Pie Pin

Irradiated Pie Pin



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Grab a slice of dangerously good luck with your very own Fallout Irradiated Pie Pin! Once a Perfectly Preserved Pie, it now emits a green glow in the dark. Spin it on its plate for a reward of pie, increased hunger, or a chance to try again.

WARNING: Spin at your own risk! While no record of the recipe survives, the Irradiated Pie may contain unstable isotopes. Whether this makes it more delicious remains up for debate.


  • Kinetic! Give it a whirl! This two-piece item includes (1) a spinning pie on a pin plate, and (2) a collectible pin backer.
  • Dimensional! Enjoy the textures of its soft enamel finish. The raised metal and recessed paint give it a satisfying sculptural feel.
  • Safe! Glows in the dark without real radiation!
  • Portable! Keep it in your collection or take it anywhere. It’s only 1.75” big.
  • Long shelf life! Just like the treats in a Port-a-Diner, it’s amazing how this pie stands the test of time. Maybe it has something to do with the high-strength, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy that it’s made of.
  • Convenient! Butterfly clasps make pinning quick, easy, and secure.