Lead Belly Wall Bottle Opener

$3.99 USD $15.00 USD

Your digestive tract has adjusted to the weirdness of the Wasteland! It’s time to celebrate and pop open your favorite drinks with the Fallout Lead Belly Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener!


  • Design
    • The wall mount is based on Fallout’s Lead Belly Perk Card
    • Features an artwork of Vault Boy drinking straight from the tap
  • Materials
    • Wood wall mount
    • Metal bottle opener
  • Dimensions: Approx. 10 x 4.5 in (25.4 x 11.43 cm)
  • 2 screws and nylon anchors included
  • Includes a hole at the top and bottom to extra hanging support


Start a party with a little humor and personality whenever you use this wall-mounted bottle opener. This silly and handy little tool lets you open bottles single-handedly, and delight your guests with its pleasantly ridiculous design.

Put it on display and to good use on the wall of your kitchen, bar, or any other room. We included 2 screws for you to put through the thick and durable metal opener.

If you need more stability, you can add more screws through the extra holes on the top and bottom of the wooden card.

WARNING: Fallout Perks take no effect outside the game. This Lead Belly perk card is for decoration purposes only. Using this bottle opener will not protect you from radiation.


  • Fallout home goods / barware: Bottle Opener

Lead Belly Wall Bottle Opener

$3.99 USD $15.00 USD

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