Lucky 38 Dealers Coin Necklace

$30.00 USD

You are a courier hired by the Mojave Express to deliver a package to the New Vegas Strip. Such a small thing, isn’t it? And yet so… capacious. So very dear.

If you must carry the fate of the entire Mojave Wasteland around, do it in style. Keep the Platinum Chip close with your Fallout Lucky 38 Dealer’s Coin Necklace!


  • Pendant is a replica of the Platinum Chip from Fallout New Vegas
    • Roulette design
    • Morse code details
    • Brushed Metal Finish
  • Engraved on both sides
    • Lucky 38 with ball on #10
    • 200 On the House with ball on #7
  • Measurements
    • Pendant Diameter: 1.5 in (38mm)
    • Chain Length: 24 in (609.6 mm)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy



Risk-takers recognize the roulette as a symbol of chance, fortune, and the thrill of taking your fate for a spin. But those familiar with the Lucky 38 know: Truth is… the game was rigged from the start.

This pendant features a roulette engraved on both sides. It’s a replica of the Platinum Chip, a major quest item in the main storyline of Fallout: New Vegas. It sets off the player’s adventures across the Mojave, causing them to get tangled up in dangers way above their pay grade as a courier.

Now a memento of your experiences in New Vegas, you can keep this necklace on display or wear it anywhere you go. But if you choose to do the latter, beware the man in the checkered suit.


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Accessories: Jewelry

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Lucky 38 Dealers Coin Necklace

$30.00 USD

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