Mister Handy Deluxe Articulated Figure

$150.00 USD

Wonderful! You’re just in time for a product demonstration. This is a very special model of the incredible and multi-talented Mr. Handy, your ever-dependable robotic domestic companion!

Buzzsaw in one hand, a flamethrower in another, and a claw in yet another, he would love to grumble about working for you like his in-game counterparts. But being only a figure - albeit deluxe - he’s unable to do any work. To compensate, he grumbles extra hard. Here’s a sampler:
• “You have insulted my honor and for that, you must die!”
• “And who gets to clean up all this blood? Me! That’s who!”
• “Oh don’t worry about me, sir. I’ll be fine. Just hovering here.”

Complaints are only part of his charm, though. He’s can also…
 Pose! Keep him on his stand, or let him use his arms for support! His 40 points of articulation each have a wide range of motion (up to 360°). IMPORTANT: Do not remove the heat shrink sleeve from the support arm joint. Doing so will lessen stability.
 Glow! He’s one bright fella. The LED exhaust flame doubles as a lamp!
 Answer to your call! Sort of. Mr Handy has 2 sound-activated actions:
(1) motorized head rotation, and
(2) random playback of 18 authentic in-game sounds and speech.
 Focus! Adjustable apertures let his eyes match his poses.
 Switch modes! Press his cheeky behind to alternate modes

On the surface and under the hood, Mr Handy is a real beauty:
 Faithfully modeled! Created with utmost attention to detail, this item is an authentic General Atomics robot IRL, looking exactly like it should in the Fallout games.
 Mr Handy Dandy! Not too big or small, this robot is 12”h X 5”w X 5”d with the arms collapsed.
 Built-in 350 mAh battery, rechargeable via micro-USB.
 Metal finish! Made of PVC. With proper care, your Mr. Handy will probably outline you by 200 years, give or take.

Bring a lifetime of domestic bliss to your home with your very own Fallout Mr Handy Deluxe Articulated Figure!

WARNING: General Atomics will not be held responsible from any ill-effects of following Mr. Handy’s marital and/or medical advice.


This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Created by Gaming Heads


Mister Handy Deluxe Articulated Figure

$150.00 USD


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$150.00 USD