Mr. Handy April PotM

Mr. Handy April PotM


General Atomics International and RobCo Industries are proud to present Mister Handy, man’s best friend—seen here taking man’s second-best friends for a walk. It’s an important role that Mr. Handy is only too happy to grab. And boy, can those pincers grab!

Immortalize this blissful scene with the limited production Fallout Mr. Handy Pin of the Month!


  • Limited Production: Only 600 pairs created
  • Size: 2.6 in ~ 2.7 (6.6 mm ~ 6.86 mm) in width
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Type: Soft enamel
  • Design: Mr. Handy taking the dogs for a walk
  • Created by Development Plus, inc.

Includes 2 enamel pins!

  • Mr. Handy
  • A pack of dogs
  • connected by a chain “leash”


  • Extra Rare! There are only 600 pairs of this pin set. Grab yours now or let regret hound you forever!
  • Big! Mr. Handy has quite the presence. At over 2 inches wide per pin, this set can stand out on its own or complement your growing collection of pins!
  • Sculptural! Enjoy the textures of their soft enamel finish. The raised metal and recessed paint give them a satisfying sculptural feel.
  • Sturdy! Made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy, this collectible pin set was made to last. With proper care, it will remain good as new. Mister Handy will be walking those dogs for a very long time.