Pick-U-Up Limited Edition Red Rocket Service Vehicle

Pick-U-Up Limited Edition Red Rocket Service Vehicle

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Hard at work in the pre-war world, the Pick-R-Up was the mainstay of the hardworking tradesfolk who relied on its rugged construction to get them through their working day without ever missing a beat. The muscular V8 diesel-fusion engine, instantly recognizable by its powerful throaty rumble, lent credibility to the well-known Chryslus Pick-R-Up advertising catchphrase, “Ain’t No Load She Can’t Haul”. This highly detailed and accurate replica, larger in size and weight than the Fusion Flea, was chosen by Chryslus to be awarded to loyal Chryslus staff who had worked at the company for five years. As you hold this superb piece of history in your hand you can get some idea of the satisfaction and pride the engineers who created it must have felt every time they pulled into a garage or passed a building site and saw it parked, waiting to go to work.

The Pick-R-Up was launched in two classic versions, the standard Cherry Red metallic body, and the golden yellow metallic, Red Rocket service vehicle livery. Either would make an excellent addition to your collection, perfectly complementing the Fusion Flea.

If you’ve got a heavy load to carry you need to be tough and resilient with broad shoulders and a mile-wide smile. Whether on a job hauling heavy loads or sitting on the drive of a suburban house, the Pick-R-Up shouts utility with every angle – Imagine cruising, radio blaring, elbow resting on the wound-down window, sunshine glinting off the hood as you carry your cargo to its destination. In other lands they might call this work, but you see it differently; what honest endeavour could be more fun? It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. The Pick-R-Up’s advanced Chryslus nuclear-powered fusion engine, not only gives the Pick-R-Up the grunt it needs to do job at hand but is sure to give its all day after day after day, 24/7, come rain or shine, 365 days of the year, never giving up – leaving you to concentrate on the business at hand… hauling.

Metallic Paint: The lustrous deeply glossy, cherry red metallic paint (standard edition) or golden yellow metallic paint (Limited Edition, Red Rocket version)

Chromium plated: Light cowls and front fender, door handles, door mirrors, and footplates, mix matt and reflective chrome finishes for a realistic effect

Die-cast: The all-metal body gives this Pick-R-Up some real heft

Collectible accessories: 5 Years Service enamel pin, (complements 2 Years Service pin), postcard and for the limited edition a Garage Receipt and a Certificate of Authenticity

Opening doors: Inner detail of cockpit revealed, tailgate also lowers

Opening engine hood: Engine lights up with nuclear glow when hood is opened

Removable nuclear core: Glow-in-the-dark removable engine core – glows green when ‘charged’ by bright light

Attention to Detail: Each detail of iconic Pick-R-Up design has been carefully replicated. Extra areas of detail never before revealed show the workings of the nuclear fusion engine and the steering and suspension geometry.

Quality Materials: With real heft and built to last, the Pick-R-Up is a high-quality die-cast replica. Chrome plating, rubber tyres and seat, and water-clear resin parts come together to create a beautiful piece fit to grace any growing collection.

The Ultimate Collectible: Replicating the gift given by Chryslus to their employees as a reward for five years’ service, the Pick-R-Up comes complete with a special enamel reward pin that fits together with the Fusion Flea’s two years service year pin.

The Fantasy Made Real: Iconic Chryslus Pick-R-Ups litter Fallout’s landscape, but before the war, the growl of its muscular V8 engine rumbled with steady reliability as it hauled much-needed loads across the land tirelessly day after day after day.

Limited Edition: 400 pieces worldwide

Release date: April 2019

Packaging: Single-colour naked box with specially designed, numbered, full-colour box jacket

Livery: Metallic yellow bodywork (matches the main body colour of the Racing Flea) with Red Rocket Decals

Box contents: Special Edition Pick-U-Up, Red Rocket logo pin, certificate of authenticity, vintage garage receipt, and yellow manual

Product history: The livery of the Limited Edition Pick-R-Up (renamed Pick-U-Up) was designed by James Barnardo to match the main body colour of the Racing Flea while using the Red Rocket Service Station branding. Making the beginnings of a rare and much sought-after collector’s subset with the matching Racing Flea (a set we intend to complete when we release the metallic yellow Special Edition Station Wagon taxi later in 2019). Produced in very limited numbers, this special edition Pick-U-Up Red Rocket Service Vehicle is a must for the serious collector.

Batteries Included.

User manual can be found here.