Pioneer Scout Sling Pack

$30.00 USD

Keep your survival tools within quick and easy reach with the Pioneer Scout Sling Pack! Because Tadpoles and Possums don’t wander the wild wastelands unprepared.

And since it’s YOUR Fallout gear, don’t let it be a boring ol’ carrier of strings and things! We’re throwing in two embroidered patches that you can stick to its velcro front panel. Show off those achievements! You earned them.

Be the envy of wasteland backpackers who wish they had something as personalized, useful, and handy!

Every Possum can use the Pioneer Scout Sling Pack to display their most treasured values and Fallout patches. You can even upgrade your pack with the Pioneer Scouts Cryptids Patch set


  • Adaptable! Adjust the cotton weave strap to your preference and comfort.
  • Handy! At 5.9” x 3.5" x 8.25”, you get ample space without bulkiness. Pocket on the outside front panel measures 4.75" x 5.25”.
  • Authentic! The front is emblazoned with a silk-screened Pioneer Scouts logo and motto, "Ever Upwards!"
  • Sturdy! Made of canvas (exterior), polyester (lining), and plastic (hardware).
  • Secure! Run as much as you like! Its zipper closures will keep your stuff from falling off.
  • Light! Weighs only 0.3 lbs.
  • Strong! Over-encumbered? This item gives you +30 lbs max carry weight.
  • Extra! Includes 2 bonus items: a Tadpole patch, and a Survivalist patch. Both are embroidered and measure 1.5" x 2”.

Created By Development Plus, Inc.

    Pioneer Scout Sling Pack

    $30.00 USD


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