Pioneer Scouts Cryptids Patch Set

Pioneer Scouts Cryptids Patch Set


Have you met these myths and monsters? Fallout cryptids are not just the stuff of legends and nightmares, they’re irresistible mysteries and obsessions to many wastelanders. Show off your uncanny encounters with the Pioneer Scouts Cryptids Patch Set, be you their fan or foe! Stick them on your Pioneer Scout Sling Pack because you believe them, hunt them, or just think they’re cool!

Featuring 4 patches:

  • Sheepsquatch (1.5” W x 2” H)- Dangerous creatures. Hulking, aggressive, and very hard to kill. Beware of their quills and poisonous wool.
  • Flatwoods Monster (1.5” W x 2” H) - Alien abductors who seem to have a knack for scientific experiments, and turning random creatures into minions.
  • Wendingo (1.17” diameter) - Flesh-hungry, greedy mutants. Alarming speed. Sharp claws.
  • Mothman (1.5” W x 2” H) - Half-moth creatures who have ascended to the status of deity. Hard to sneak up on. May or may not be attracted to light.
  • All patches are embroidered and with velcro backing.

Created By Development Plus, Inc.