Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI FM Radio Module

$40.00 USD

A fully functional FM radio and vacuum tube illumination upgrade for the Pip-Boy 2000, which is easy to install and fun to use with its real FM radio functionality and 20 fantasy in-universe Wasteland broadcasts.

It’s the finest Wasteland tone-quality you’ll ever hear.

Follow the clear instructions to upgrade your existing Pip-Boy with this amazing FM radio and vacuum tube illumination module.

Delight in the unboxing as you realise that the Radio Module is wrapped in authentic newsprint of the iconic Boston Bugle newspaper and discover that the three AAA-sized fusion cell replicas included are supplied by Mass Fusion, ready to power-up your Pip-Boy’s FM radio.

Once the radio is installed, turn it on with a single click of the rocker switch. Observe with mounting excitement as the vacuum tubes buzz and crackle into life, glowing a warm reassuring orange, and listen carefully as you hear your Pip-Boy’s radio for the very first time.

The genuine FM radio brings you local and national radio stations (where available from your broadcaster) from the comfort of your forearm. The simple controls could not be easier to operate – once powered-up, a quick click of the rocker switch and the radio seeks the next available station, while a long press adjusts the Radio’s volume. Turn the tuning knob to “tune in” to any one of the radio’s 20 built-in Wasteland broadcasts offering emergency information, advertisements, and useful survival tips.  

It’s a dream come true.

Fully working FM radio: Tune to local and national FM radio stations at the press of a button; adjust the volume to suit listening conditions.

Wasteland broadcasts: Turn the tuning knob to “tune in” to one of 20 (randomly selected) Wasteland broadcasts, including emergency messages, survival tips and in-universe advertisements.

Glowing vacuum tubes: bright orange LEDs light up the replica vacuum tubes realistically showing their internal spring electrode details.

Illuminated radio-tuning dial: The Radio Module incorporates a warm white backlight to illuminate the radio tuning dial.

Simple to operate: A single rocker click and the radio powers up. When powered up, a single rocker click searches for next FM radio station, long rocker press adjusts volume and a double rocker click powers-down.

Easy to install: Full instructions take you through the simple steps needed to disassemble your Pip-Boy and install the FM Radio Upgrade Module.

Wrapped in the Boston Bugle: An authentic newsprint Boston Bugle front page, packed with in-universe news articles, wraps and protects your Radio Module during shipping - it’s a gorgeous collectible in its own right.

Supplied with three Fusion Cells: The three AAA batteries supplied with the module have been designed to replicate Fusion Cells and are packed in a triple cell blister, sealed onto a special Mass Fusion backing card.

Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI FM Radio Module

$40.00 USD


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$40.00 USD