Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI - Preassembled

$150.00 USD

A pre-assembled Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI with illuminated display panel.

Tired of building things, or you just don’t have the time to embark on the adventure of building your own Pip-Boy? Then why not indulge yourself with this ready-made, pre-assembled Pip-Boy?  If you’re considering this simple route to owning a Pip-Boy, you’ll be pleased to learn that not only do RobCo-authorized agents carefully construct these Pip-Boys, but they also take the time to install an authentic Illuminated Display Panel while they’re at it.

Through attention to detail and careful design, this ready-to-use Pip-Boy is a faithful replica of the wrist-worn 2000 Mk VI model found in use by vault-dwellers throughout the Wasteland shortly after reclamation and will come in handy for replicating the most realistic Wasteland experience.

Illuminate the display panel showing the Pip-Boy home screen by pressing the control unit button, and marvel as it realistically glows and flickers into life. Occasionally, however, it will falter and flicker off. When this occurs you’ll have to tap the display housing two or three times, in the most authentically vintage way, to coax the display panel back into life.

Constructed from a range of high quality engineering materials: ABS, aluminium, steel, and rubber, the Pip-Boy feels right on the arm and fits comfortably due to its robotically stitched fabric cuff. The pre-built Pip-Boy is also ready to be further enhanced with the Pip-Boy’s own special FM Radio and Sensor upgrade modules (where available) and is supplied with the tools needed for the upgrade procedure.

Pre-assembled: No time to build your own one? No worries, this Pip-Boy is ready-built for you to enjoy without the hassle of a challenging construction.

Authentic materials: ABS, aluminium, steel, rubber, and fabrics are combined to make the most authentic Pip-Boy.

Comfort on your arm: Comfort has not been sacrificed in the pursuit of accuracy. The softly stuffed fabric two-stage cuff, not only replicates the original Pip-Boy look but also feels great on the arm.  

Ready to upgrade: Do you need the Pip-Boy to have FM radio or sensor functionality? The pre-assembled Pip-Boy is easy to upgrade and comes with the tools needed to fit the FM Radio or Sensor upgrade modules.

Perfect to display: The Pip-Boy fits perfectly on the Pip-Boy Bluetooth Stand Kit.

Limited Edition also available: While stocks last the Pip-Boy 2000 is also available in a strictly limited edition Red Rocket skin.

    Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI - Preassembled

    $150.00 USD


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    $150.00 USD