Pip-Boy Lanyard & Pin Bundle

$9.99 USD $25.00 USD

Hey there! Vault-Tec calling. Thanks for visiting our convention booth. Have you signed up to be a resident of Vault 111 yet? It’s alright if you’re still mulling it over. Try the Fallout Pip-Boy Lanyard and Pin Set on and see how you feel. A better future awaits… underground!


  • Pip-Boy Pin
    • Based on Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV
    • Glows in the dark
    • Material: Zinc alloy with soft enamel
  • Vault-Boy Lanyard
    • Strap
      • Black with green Vault-Tec logo
      • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Badges
    • Vault-Tec / Vault-Boy tag
    • Vault 111 gear door
    • Material: PVC


Pip-Boy Lunch Box Bundle


Fallout Video Game Merch

  • Collectible: Bundle

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Pip-Boy Lanyard & Pin Bundle

$9.99 USD $25.00 USD

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